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Happy couple sleeping in a comfortable bed at homeHave you noticed signs that you might have sleep apnea? At Hillcrest Dental Group, Dr. Donna Anoosheh can help you identify and treat sleep apnea. Our practice works with a sleep doctor to help diagnose sleep apnea; we also provide you with innovative dental appliances to give you a good night’s sleep.

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What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition known to cause sleep interruptions. If the muscles in the back of the throat relax and sag into the airway, it interrupts oxygen flow, causing you to wake up to take their breath. This happens frequently throughout the night, making it almost impossible to reach deep sleep. There are three types of sleep apnea:

  • Obstructive - In this condition, the airway is physically obstructed, depriving a person of oxygen.
  • Central – When a person goes to sleep, the brain fails to send signals to maintain breathing patterns while sleeping.
  • Complex – This is a mix of both central and obstructive sleep apnea types.

Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Identifying sleep apnea starts with you. If you suspect you may have it, watch for any of the signs mentioned below:

  • Insomnia
  • Loud snoring (Ask your partner)
  • Poor quality of sleep causing fatigue
  • Trouble focusing
  • Irritability
  • Morning headaches

Who Will Diagnose Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is usually challenging to diagnose since it only happens when you are asleep. Dr. Anoosheh is happy to listen to you, discuss your problems, and help you resolve them. For diagnosis, we will refer you to our sleep doctor, who will look for signs of sleep apnea.

Since most patients are unaware that they have sleep apnea, identifying it is the critical first step. If you experience sleep apnea symptoms or have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, we will ensure you get the care you need.

How Do You Treat Sleep Apnea?

Depending on your specific case, we will recommend the treatment that suits you. We offer multiple devices to alleviate your symptoms which include:

Mandibular Advancement Oral Devices (MADs): This appliance helps push the bottom jaw and the throat muscles forward to keep the airway open during sleep.It consists of two parts, one that fits over the upper jaw and another that fits over the lower one. Adjustable metal pivots are used to hold the jaw in place.

Elastic Mandibular Advancement Devices (EMA): Upper and lower acrylic splints are used with interchangeable elastic straps. This technique opens the bite and adjust the mandibular position, which helps to treat snoring by re-opening the airflow through the oral pharynx.

SomnoDent Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance: This is a custom-fitted appliance that aids in the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. It is a popular, effective alternative to corrective surgery. This device helps to ensure the base of your tongue does not collapse and block your airway. That way, you get safe and soundless sleep.

Tongue Retaining Appliance: For some cases, a tongue retaining mouthpiece may be a better option. This appliance is positioned over the tongue to keep it from sagging toward the back of the throat.

Top 7 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Besides getting professional help to treat sleep apnea, changing your habits and lifestyle may improve your sleep.

happy woman sleeping in bedChanges you can make include:

  1. Keeping your head and neck aligned evenly during sleep.
  2. Maintaining a healthy weight.
  3. Practicing meditation, yoga, or other relaxation practices.
  4. Limiting your alcohol and tobacco intake.
  5. Refraining from drinking caffeine after 12:00 pm.
  6. Exercising frequently.
  7. Eating a nutritious diet.

Quality Sleep Dentistry in Newbury Park

At Hillcrest Dental Group, Dr. Anoosheh and our team enjoy helping the Newbury Park community lead healthy lives. If you need to improve your sleep quality or seek a permanent treatment for sleep apnea, call us today and schedule your consultation!



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