Dental Implants for Brilliant Smiles in Newbury Park

mature couple relaxing outside their homeDr. Donna Anoosheh has a wealth of experience helping patients revive their smiles with dental implants. Hillcrest Dental Group is your place for dental implants in Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, and all the surrounding neighborhoods.

If you are looking to restore your appealing, youthful smile, our talented team will help you fulfill your smile goals. Call today and schedule your consultation!


What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a permanent solution, popular for replacing damaged or missing teeth. Known for their durability, implants are made up of three parts: posts inserted in the jaw to replace the tooth roots, a connecting abutment, and a crown, bridge, or denture that replaces missing teeth with new, natural-looking teeth.

Do I Qualify for a Dental Implant?

Qualifying for dental implants depends largely on your oral health and jawbone density. Most adults who enjoy good oral and overall health can receive dental implants.

During your consultation, Dr. Anoosheh will examine your mouth to confirm whether you qualify. If you suffer from gum disease or your jawbone is not strong enough to support dental implants, you might need some pretreatments to prepare for receiving a dental implant.

What to Expect If You Decide to Get a Dental Implant

If Dr. Anoosheh confirms you qualify for dental implants, we will work with you to build a treatment plan. Based on the number of implants you need and your oral health, we will discuss with you your treatment plan in detail. our talented periodontist will come into our office to perform the implant placement procedure. Once the implant posts fuse with your gum tissue and bones, and your gums heal forming a strong base for your new prosthetic, we will restore your implants, which will become your permanent teeth.

Dental Implants We Offer

3d render of dental implantAt Hillcrest Dental Group, we believe that the type of dental implants used will impact your implant’s permanence and aesthetics. We offer quality implants made by top manufacturers to give back your oral function and appeal.

Our talented team proudly offers you the comfortable, safe, and satisfactory services your smile deserves. We make sure to always be up to date with cutting edge technology and the latest dental equipment. We use CBCT scans to take highly defined images of your smile, which allows us to deliver accurate results.

We offer the latest technology in implants, including:

Nobel Biocare™ Dental Implants

Nobel Biocare implants are considered the gold standard for dental implant treatments. It includes various implant types to treat more complex cases without the need for pretreatments. For cases with reduced bone thickness, Biocare implants can be very beneficial since they use grade 4 titanium. The rough surface texture increases the implant's surface area and makes the fusing process between implant posts and jawbone go faster.

Straumann® Bone Level Implant

The Straumann implant system features a broad portfolio of ceramic implant systems and uses digital technology to create customized dental implants that fit your specific needs. This system provides you with comfort, stability, high-functionality and outstanding aesthetic results. It offers exceptional protection against rotation for more stability. Designed around critical biological principles and scientific research, it supports bone preservation.

Implant Restoration Options We Offer implant restorations

Single Implant: If you only need to replace one missing tooth, we use a single implant and a crown. The new tooth becomes permanently yours and helps to keep your teeth from shifting out of alignment.

Fixed Bridge: When two or three teeth in a row are missing, they can be replaced with a bridge supported by an implant. This type of bridge doesn't need any support from the healthy adjacent teeth. Instead, the two supporting crowns are anchored in place by affixing them to the implant posts.

Fixed Dentures: Replacing all the teeth in your upper or lower arch or even both arches are possible. For that, we use between six and eight implants. A fixed denture is an excellent replacement as they do not shift or slip, allowing for optimal function and clear speech.

Your Home for Dental Implant Restorations in Newbury Park

At Hillcrest Dental Group, our talented dentist, Dr. Anoosheh, has a wealth of expertise in reviving smiles with dental implant restorations. We are passionate about helping our people in Newbury Park speak, smile, and chew with confidence.

We gladly accept dental insurance. However, if you don't have insurance, we offer an in-house discount plan; for more information, please ask our friendly staff. Call us to schedule your implant consultation today!


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